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We want to express our full support of this much needed ministry. It brings joy to our hearts, to hear of brothers and sisters in Christ bringing God’s Word of comfort to help encourage, support, and counsel men and women.  Please don’t be shy about using this ministry.  It’s our joy to share the riches of the sufficiency of Christ and His Word as we walk through this broken world together.  ~ The Elders

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FALL 2021

EMOTIONS Understanding and Expressing the Heart

(from CCEF- Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation)

This study explores the close connection emotions have with the human heart. Your heart is at the center of who you are and is always living in relationship with God. Your emotions are an overflow and expression of your heart, revealing what you care most about.

Whether our emotional experiences are good or bad, it is important we remember that we have emotions because we have been made in God's image. We want to bring our emotions to God, even as we grow in understanding our emotions. We also want to enter into the emotions of others as we seek to bring encouragement and truth.

Using Scripture, stories and personal reflection, this counseling seminar will provide opportunities for you to grow in your understanding of emotions biblically.

Week One
Emotions in the Face of Suffering- Joni Eareckson Tada

Week Two
Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad- Winston T. Smith

Week Three
Why Do I Feel How I Feel?- Alasdair Groves

Week Four
What Do I Do With My Feelings?- Alasdair Groves

Week Five
Emotions and Relationships- Winston T. Smith

This seminar will meet each Sunday night from 6:00-7:30PM
It will open with a video and be followed up by small group discussion


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