Our History

In 1962, a group of about 30 Christians began holding a Sunday School in the Littleton YMCA on Sunday mornings. On Sunday nights, several of the men met for prayer at the home of Herb and Alice Banks to seek the Lord's will regarding starting a local church with a full schedule of services. The group incorporated as Littleton Bible Chapel later that year.

For approximately six years, the church met at the Littleton YMCA and Mark Hopkins Elementary School on Sundays and assembled mid-week in the basement of the Banks home. The church continued to grow, and they purchased the current property in 1968. The original building was opened in 1969. At that time the congregation consisted of approximately 125 people. A lower level was added under the east gymnasium in 1976. The large addition on the northwest side of the original building was completed in May 1985. This addition more than doubled the total space and provided room for sports activities, an office, Sunday school space, two gymnasiums and an enlarged auditorium with seating for 325. A foyer expansion to alleviate congestion between services was completed in 1999. Approximately 650 people (children and adults) attend services each week.

In 2014, a second site was opened just off of Orchard Road, as the first step toward planting a second church in Littleton, allowing for greater growth of the church and the Gospel.

In 2018, Lakewood Bible Chapel opened in Lakewood Colorado as a next step in planting a third church in Colorado allowing for more growth and further spread of the Gospel.