LGTBQ+ Resources

LGTBQ+ Resources

Book Resources

By: Rosaria Butterfield
Butterfield, a former lesbian activist, shows why LGBTQ+ ideology is
incompatible with Christianity. She gives wise and practical advice about how to
love family and friends who are captured by this ideology.
By: Rosaria Butterfield
In this clear and hopeful book Rosaria Butterfield provides much needed wisdom for the church on how to understand our union with Christ, the nature of same-sex attraction, the “gay identity”, repentance, and what it means for Christians to live life together.
By Adam Barr and Ron Citlau
In this book the authors engage in a defense of biblical sexuality that is both courageous and winsome.  More than this, however, they also provide encouragement to the church that is wise, loving, and practical about how Christians can share the light of Christ with people who struggle with this sin.
By Andrew T. Walker
This helpful overview is by the managing editor of WORLD Opinions and a
professor of Christian ethics and public theology at Southern Baptist Theological
By Denny Burk and Heath Lambert
Many voices today from inside and outside the church are making the case that same-sex attraction is not sinful.  Burk and Lambert advance a careful biblical case that same-sex attraction is sinful, and show that there is hope for these desires through repentant faith in Jesus Christ.
By Denny, Burk, David Closson, and Colin Smothers
This 125-page book is an eight-week study for small groups.
By: Kevin DeYoung
In this very helpful and accessible book a pastor explains the crucial biblical texts addressing the topic of homosexuality, defending why Christians have always believed this to be a sinful way of life.  In addition to faithful biblical exposition he also engages in a winsome response to current objections about the biblical teaching.
By: Rosaria Butterfield
This memoir recounts the story of a lesbian who came to know Jesus Christ through the faithful ministry of a Presbyterian pastor and his wife. It is a helpful book demonstrating the power of the gospel to save anyone who believes.
edited by R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
Some in our contemporary culture are arguing that Christians have
misunderstood the biblical teaching on homosexuality. One of the most outspoken voices seeking to overhaul the Bible’s clear teaching on this issue is
Matthew Vines. R. Albert Mohler assembles a team of scholars to challenge Vines showing that the Old Testament teaches the sinfulness of homosexuality.

Blog & Online Article Resources

“Why I No Longer Use Transgender Pronouns—and Why You Shouldn’t Either” 
Reformation21, 3 April 2023. By Rosaria, Butterfield.

“Christians Volunteering Pronouns? Capitulation to Falsehood Is Not Christian Kindness,”
American Reformer, 19 August 2022. By Andrew T. Walker

"What if Your Neighbor Asks You to Call Her a Him?"
By Andy Naselli

Podcasts & Videos

Mike, Riccardi. Male and Female He Created Them: Part 1 and Part 2.
Grace Community Church, April 23 and 30, 2023.
This is sound teaching on the transgender delusion. Riccardi explains five truths about gender: (1) granted by
our Creator, (2) grounded in biology, (3) a gift of God’s loving care, (4) the goodness of the body, and (5) the glory of our distinctiveness.

Christopher Yuan's testimony
Christopher Yuan is a professor at Moody Bible Institute who got saved in prison
and came out of the homosexual lifestyle. He has a powerful testimony about
how the Lord changed his life and the faithful prayers of his mother in the process.

What is Wrong with Reparative Therapy?

You are Your Gender by Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship (IBCD)

Gender Blending and Confusion by George Scipione (IBCD)
There are many religious and social elements behind the current culture’s confusion about gender. This workshop gives a biblical view of gender and lays out the way out of this morass for individuals, families, churches and the culture. Implications for counseling are emphasized.

Defined by my Sexuality by Jim Newheiser (IBCD)

ACBC podcasts and articles on transgenderism