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About Littleton Bible Institute

Littleton Bible Institute as a Ministry of Littleton Bible Chapel

The Littleton Bible Institute (LBI) serves as a ministry of Littleton Bible Chapel (LBC) to both its people and training individuals for ministry.
Littleton Bible Institute’s programs focus on comprehensive life and ministry development for each student, assessed by rigorous outcomes assessment.
  • Ministry Skills
  • Character Development
  • Life in Community
  • Biblical Understanding


Littleton Bible Institute’s mission is to train men who desire to serve as pastor-elders and to offer comprehensive biblical training for those men and women who wish to pursue greater training in the Bible and theology.

We offer two tracks of training:
1. Pastor-Elders
The Pastor-Elder track is designed to provide intensive training of men who desire to serve as pastors-elders and preachers consistent with the model of Littleton Bible Chapel and Biblical Eldership. This track will include a well-rounded emphasis in key areas:
a. Biblical instruction
b. Theology
c. Spiritual formation
d. Practical training in church ministry

2. Biblical Training
To develop the biblical instruction and spiritual growth of adults. This two-year track will provide a well-rounded instruction on the Old and New Testaments, systematic and biblical theology, apologetics, and spiritual growth. It will also include classes for marriage and family, and other practical classes.

Advantages of Littleton Bible Institute

  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • Academic Quality

Littleton Bible Institute is committed to training and developing skilled individuals to make a difference in the world.

Littleton Bible institute

The mission of Littleton Bible Institute is integrated into the ministry of Littleton Bible Chapel and supports the mission of Littleton Bible Chapel as the local church. Students coming as interns will experience the tight integration of the teaching and training at the Littleton Bible Institute as a ministry of local church.


Academic Goals


We seek to develop cognitive skills for ministry through rigorous interaction with the biblical
text and disciplines related to ministry.


We seek to provide theological, historical, and intellectual understandings necessary for a self-
conscious, critical, and Christian response to the world.

Application & Registration

  • Personal Information
  • Academic Information
  • Personal Testimony
  • Employment Information
  • Christian Ministry Experience
  • Spouse's Information
  • References

Programs & Certificates

1. Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
  • 16 Core Classes
  • Elective Classes
  • Additional Classes (

2. Certificate in Biblical Studies
  • 16 Core Classes

Academic Course of Study

The course of study includes weekly classroom lectures and discussions and independent study. However, to make the lessons more accessible on a permanent basis, 30-minute video recorded lectures will also be produced. These would be available online.