We want to express our full support of this much needed ministry. It brings joy to our hearts, to hear of brothers and sisters in Christ bringing God’s Word of comfort to help encourage, support, and counsel men and women.  Please don’t be shy about using this ministry.  It’s our joy to share the riches of the sufficiency of Christ and His Word as we walk through this broken world together.  ~The Elders

Counseling/Discipleship Form

Once your form is submitted it will be sent to Kyle Fink.  All information is kept confidential and you will be contacted shortly.  Thank you for reaching out to us!

Biblical Counseling Discipleship Class – October 7th

The discipleship requirements are:

—      LBC full doctrinal statement

—      Biblical Discipleship Sermons:

—      Two Books:
1.      “Discipling” by Mark Dever
2.      “Growing In Christ: A Thirteen-Week Follow-Up Course for New and Growing Christians” from Navigators 

Please read the two books and listen to the sermons, if possible by the October 7th meeting.

Call or email Greg Bloom for questions.  303-470-8883.