• The LBC Counseling Ministry Will be hosting a class tonight, 6:00-7:30pm. The topic will be helping Christians know how to relate to people in the LGBTQ community. 
  • Women’s Ministry Craft Event There will be a Christmas Craft event for the ladies and an ornament making party for the kids on Saturday, November 16th, from 1:00-3:00pm.
  • The New People’s Class Sunday, November 17th, at 9:00am, in the fireside area. The class will give a summary of our beliefs, distinctives, and ministries.  A light breakfast will be served.
  • Prayer for Nation & Community Sunday, November 17th, 8:00 – 8:45am, in the cry room.
  • Ladies Book Group: Will be meeting on Sunday, November 17th, at 6:30pm in the overflow.
  • Baby Shower: Ladies, you are invited to a Baby Shower for Deborah Westwood, tomorrow, at 7:00pm. She is registered at Target and Amazon.
  • Thanksgiving Eve: November 27th from 6:30-7:30pm, with fellowship until 8:00pm. Please bring a dessert to share. Babysitting provided for kids 2yrs and under during the service only.
  • Bold Reflections Concert: Mark your calendar for December 15th from 6:00-7:00pm, followed by a time of fellowship.
  • Baptism: There will be a baptism in the coming weeks. If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus, who has not been baptized and would like to be, please contact the elders.

The Lord’s Supper Service:

Next week Theme:  We are crucified with Christ – Galatians 2:20

Praising God for Christ

Song: “Your Great Name We Praise”

Song: “My Faith Has Found A Resting Place”

Scripture Reading: Joel 2:23-32

Song: “The Lord is My Salvation”

Confessing Our Need for Christ

Theme: “Everyone Who Calls on the Name of the Lord Will Be Saved” Acts 2:38

Public Confession and Need for Christ

Give Thanks for the Bread

Thanking God for Christ

Taking the Bread

Giving Thanks / Taking the Cup

Open Time of Thanksgiving to the Lord

Response to Worship / Offering Prayer

Applying the Gospel

Announcements, Prayer, and Spotlight

Closing Song: “Revive Us Again”


Rocky Mountain High (Mark 9:1-13) David Anderson

Up the Mountain (9:1-2a)

On the Mountain (9:2b-8)

Down the Mountain (9:9-13)


The Transfiguration and the Glory of Christ.

 The Transfiguration and the Words of Christ.



Jesus takes three disciples up the mountain (Mark 9:2)

Moses goes with three named persons plus seventy of the elders up the mountain (Ex. 24:1,9)

Jesus is transfigured and His clothes become radiantly white (Mark 9:2-3)

Moses’ skin shines when he descends from the mountain after talking with God (Ex. 34:29)

God appears in veiled form in an overshadowing cloud (Mark 9:7)

God appears in veiled form in an overshadowing cloud (Ex. 24:15-16, 18)


A voice speaks from the cloud (Mark 9:7)

A voice speaks from the cloud (Ex. 24:16)

The people are astonished when they see Jesus after He descends from the mountain (Mark 9:15)

The people are afraid to come near Moses after he descends from the mountain (Ex. 35:30)