• Men’s Annual Backpacking trip: To Upper Cataract Lake in Eagles Nest Wilderness, July 19th-21st.  Come hike, fish, climb, and fellowship.  The group is limited to 15 men.  Contact Krister Sorensen at krister.sorensen@gmail.com for more details and to sign up.
  • 4th of July Picnic: The annual 4th of July picnic will be held at Gallup Park from 11:00am to 3:00pm.  Sign-up sheets for helping will be in the foyer today, and June 30th.
  • LBC Counseling Ministry: The LBC Counseling ministry will be hosting a class on “Teens and Social Media”, on Sunday, July 14th, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  This class will education parents about different types of social media.

The Lord’s Supper Service

Next Week’s Theme: “He is Our Righteousness” Romans 1:16-17

Praising God for Christ

Song: “Come Christians Join to Sing”

Song: “Once Again”

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 6:1-6

Song: “Lamb of God Our Souls Adore Thee”      

Confessing our Need for Christ

Theme: “We Have Seen His Glory” John 1:14

Public Confession and Need for Christ

Give Thanks for the Bread

Thanking God for Christ

Taking the Bread

Giving Thanks / Taking the Cup

Open Time of Thanksgiving to the Lord

Response to Worship / Offering Prayer

Applying the Gospel

Announcements, Prayer, and Spotlight

Closing Song: “At the Cross”

“Treading the Waves Redux” Mark 6:45-52 Tom Sorensen | June 23, 2019

1. Mark’s pattern that juxtaposes Jesus’ human frailty and his Divinity       

   is repeated here a fourth time.

2. Old Testament Theophanies: Treading the sea is an Old Testament

    claim for the Sovereignty of Yahweh, as is feeding Israel in the


3. “He meant to pass by them”-borrowed Old Testament language for

    God revealing his transcendent glory to Israel.

4.“For they all saw him and were terrified”-A missed opportunity.

5. Application: