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The Lord’s Supper Service:

Next Week: “He Sanctifies People Through His Blood” Hebrews 13:12

Praising God for Christ

Song: “I am Thine O Lord”

Scripture Reading

Song: “The Power of the Cross”

Song: “Come to the Alter”

Confessing our Need for Christ

Theme: “He Suffered Outside the Gate”  Hebrews 13:12

Public confession and promise of pardon

Thanking God for Christ

Give thanks for the bread

Give thanks for the cup


Applying the Gospel

Spotlight:  Guatemala Team

Closing Song: “I Stand Amazed”

Building the God of Self-Sufficient Fullness |   Bruce Ware | November 18, 2018

Introduction:  The Bible’s urging of God-esteem vs. our culture’s urging of self-esteem.

  1. God’s Self-Sufficiency Defined:

God possesses within Himself, intrinsically and eternally, every quality in infinite measure.

  1. Select Biblical Support Exhibiting God’s Self-Sufficiency
  2. Isaiah 40:12-17
  3. God’s Immensity and Power (40:12)
  4. God’s Knowledge and Wisdom (40:13-14)
  5. Implications for Us (40:15-17, 27-31)
  6. Acts 17:24-25
  7. God is the Creator of All that Is
  8. God is the Sovereign Ruler of All that He has Created
  9. God is the Giver of All Good Things (“life and breath and all things”) to All People.

III.           Implications and Applications of God’s Self-Sufficiency

  1. Because God is fully self-sufficient, God does not need the glorious creation he has made, either in whole or in any part, including his creation of human beings.  As humbling as it is true, God does not need us (Isa 40; Acts 17:25) or anything we have to offer (Ps 50:10-12; Rom 11:33-36).
  2. So, why are we here?  What is our purpose?  Answer:  Though God doesn’t need us, amazingly, he loves us.  And hence his purpose in creating and redeeming us is not that we might fill up some lack in him, but that he might fill us up with himself.  He made us empty to be filled with his fullness, thirsty to drink of the water of life, weak to receive his strength, foolish to be instructed and corrected by his wisdom.  In his love, he longs to give, to share the bounty.  He wants us to experience in finite measure the fullness of joy and blessing that he knows infinitely—all to redound to the praise and glory of his name, the Giver and Provider of all the good we enjoy.
  3. Why does God enlist our service?  Consider Psalm 100:2 and Acts 17:25—how do they go together?  Answer:  God doesn’t need our service (Acts 17:25), so his call for us to serve (Ps 100:2) is his gracious call for us to participate in the privilege and joy of the ministry of grace that flows from him, into us, and then through us into the lives of others.  We can take no credit.  All we have is a gift from him, and he gives us what we have to be used in service to others.
  4. How can we know and be rightly related to this glorious, rich, full God?  Answer:  in our sin, this is impossible, and apart from God’s grace we are eternally separated from this One who alone is good, true, wise, holy, beautiful, and joy-filled.  But through faith in Christ, we are reconciled to God and enabled to know God (John 17:3; 1 Pet 3:18).  What love, what grace, what mercy, and what joy is ours in God, but only through Christ (John 14:6)!