• King Soopers Reloadable Cards: TODAY you may purchase the cards in the foyer.  The card is initially loaded with $50.00.  5% of the proceeds will go towards our deacon fund.
  • Directory Pictures: Pictures will be taken for our directory update TODAY and next Sunday in the fireside area between services.
  • Southwest Bible Chapel Church Plant Meeting: If you are interested in this ministry on any level, please come to a brief meeting TODAY after church in the East Auditorium (lunch provided).
  • Prayer for Nation & Community: April 15th from 8:00 – 8:45 am in the east auditorium.
  • Camp Elim: They are in need of women counselors for the summer.  Contact Camp Elim directly if you can help (719-687-2030).



Current:    “He is the source of eternal Salvation”        Hebrews 5:9

Next Week:    “He is Our Anchor of the Soul”       Hebrews 6:19

Next Week’s Sermon:   Revelation 13:1-10


SERMON NOTES:  “The Prince of Darkness Grim – We Tremble Not For Him”          Revelation 12:1-17            Series:  The Revelation of Jesus Christ           Matt Bowen

  1. The Dragon’s Desire (vv. 1-6)
  • For the throne of God
  • For the Destruction of the Woman (Israel) & the Child (Christ)


2.   The Dragon’s Dismissal (vv. 7-12)

  • From Having Access to Heaven
  • From His Role as Accuser – The Slain are Avenged


  1. The Dragon’s Desperation (vv. 13-17)
  • As He Pursues the Woman and Her Offspring
  • As He Nears His End


  1. The Dragon’s Demise:  The Gospel