• Directory Pictures: Pictures will be taken for our directory update TODAY outside (weather permitting). Last chance!
  • Children’s Choir: Preschool 4 – 5th Graders interested in singing during the teaching service on Mother’s Day please meet in the East Auditorium between services TODAY.
  • Awana Awards Night: Will begin at 6:15 on Wednesday, May 2nd.  A celebration “Ice Cream Sundae Bar” will follow the program!  NO dinner will be served that night.
  • Mother’s Day Baby Dedications: For all new moms and their babies on May 13th during the worship service. Contact office to sign up – deadline May 6th.
  • LBC Ladies: Let’s shower blessings on Alternative Pregnancy Center’s New Moms. Simply bring a baby gift to LBC this Mother’s Day, May 13th.  See the insert for items being collected.
  • Ladies Book Group: Information on the new book selection can be found in the foyer.  We’ll meet to discuss the book on Sunday, June 3rd at 6:30 pm.
  • 3 for 3: Three households meeting for three dinners in three months for food, fun and fellowship.  Call the office at 303-798-1030 or sign up in the foyer.  There will be groups with children and groups without children.
  • Sunday School: We are looking for teachers and helpers for the summer session.   If you would be interested in helping, please contact Marilee Lambert (303-770-5469)



Current Theme:    “He is Our Forerunner”     Hebrews 6:20

Next Week’s Theme:    “He is a Guarantor of a Better Covenant”     Hebrews 7:22


Praising God for Christ

Song:  “What was it Blessed God”

Song:  “Behold the Lamb”

Confessing our Need for Christ

Scripture Reading

Theme: “He is Our Forerunner”   Hebrews 6:20

Public confession and need for Christ

Thanking God for Christ

Give thanks for the bread

Give thanks for the cup

Open time of thanksgiving to the Lord (11:00 to 11:10)


Applying the Gospel

Announcements, prayer, and spotlight

Song:  “Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us” (11:25)


SERMON NOTES:  “The Mystery of Iniquity Finally has its Day”          Revelation 13:11-18            Series:  The Revelation of Jesus Christ           Tom Sorensen

  1. Modern end-of-world scenarios contracted to the book of Revelation.


  1. Another Beast arises: Revelation 13:11-18

With Divine-like, or at least Prophet-like, deceptions this new Beast steer the world to worship the first Beast.

He cannot fool everyone, however.

His Climatic sign is to grant life to inanimate materials.

The Mark of the Beast is a silent acknowledgement that the first Beast is not even remotely Divine.  And to compensate  for the blindness of his humanity the second Beast institutes a mark to help identify who is who.

Can we know now what 666 means?


  1. Conclusions:


Next Week’s Sermon:   Revelation 14:1-13