• Southwest Bible Chapel Church Plant Meeting: If you are interested in this ministry on any level, please come to a brief meeting TODAY during the fellowship time (10:00 to 10:20) in the East Auditorium.
  • Ladies Book Group: We will meet for discussion and fellowship TONIGHT at 6:30 pm.  All ladies welcome.
  • Awana: There will be NO AWANA next week (March 28th) due to Spring Break.
  • Easter: Sign up for jobs in the foyer TODAY!  See Jery & Sheri Payne. The Good Friday Lord’s                    Supper Service will be at the ORCHARD site on March 30th from 6:30 – 7:30 pm (childcare for 2 and under provided). Work Day: Saturday, March 31st from 9:00 to 12:00.  Easter Sunday: April 1st!



Current:    “He is a Great High Priest”     Hebrews 4:14-16

Next Week:    Easter

Next Week’s Sermon:   Easter


SERMON NOTES:  “Kingdom Culmination & the Keepers of Covenants”          Revelation 11:1-19            Series:  The Revelation of Jesus Christ           Adam Hebener

  1. Revelation Recap


  1. The Measuring of the Temple (11:1-2)


  1. The 2 Prophets (11:3-13)


6 Observations about the 2 prophets (John MacArthur)

  • Garb
  • Identity
  • Power
  • Death
  • Resurrection
  • Impact


  1. The 7th Trumpet Judgement (The 3rd Woe) (11:14-19)