• Women’s Event:  Join us for a day of Paddle Boarding! Wed, August 2nd at the Chatfield Park Gravel Pond.  Sign up in the foyer TODAY.
  • Camp Elim Summer Camps:  Grade School: July 23-28 / High School Trail: July 23-28 / Middle School: July 30-Aug 4 / Co-Workers:  July 30-Aug 4
  • LBC Directory:  The Current directory CD is available in the foyer.
  • Pre-Engagement/Pre-Marital Counseling:  For those who are seriously dating or engaged.  Don’t wait, many issues can be addressed now!  Sessions include Basic Communication, Roles of the Husband and Wife, Finances, and Sexual Oneness.
  • Local Evangelism Prayer:  If you would like to get weekly prayer requests concerning local evangelistic efforts, please e-mail:  bryonneufeld@gmail.com  to be added to the list.


Current:    “The Blood of Christ is Sufficient”     Hebrews 10:4
Next Week:    “His Sacrifice Was Once for All”      Hebrews 9:26
Next Week’s Sermon:   The Marks of the Church

SERMON NOTES:           “The Pattern of the Local Church”      Acts 2:42       Series: The Reformation and Revitalization of the Church                 Dave Lambert Jr

I.    Introduction / Interpretational Issues
II.   Devotion to the Apostles’ Teaching
III.   Devotion to Fellowship
IV.   Devotion to the Lord’s Supper
V.    Devotion to Prayer
VI.   Conclusion